lose bally fat by these tips in 10 days

How to get rid of Abdominal obesity in ten days

Today, optimal body weight is already embedded in consciousness as a real health need. We have an obesity epidemic all over the world. If we add to that the initial impression plays a big role in our lives we are aware of our amounts of fat more than ever. Get rid of Abdominal obesity is crucial!
Today’s lifestyle has become hectic thanks to a busy daily routine, We have developed many incorrect nutrition habits. And while there are other reasons for obesity, Our way of life is that more and more of us gain weight in unwanted places. Is it possible to get rid of belly fat in just 7 days? Absolutely! and in this post, I’ll show you how.

First of all, it’s important to recognize that healthy eating habits that include exercising also play a major role in maintaining body weight. Weight loss is essential, but what is more important is the type of food that we are eating and its quality. Food affects the metabolism of the body, just like the genes.

Tips to help you lose abdominal fat and  get a flat stomach quickly

1. Optimal nutrition

So it’s true that a good diet has a significant role in losing belly fat. This is assuming that it is a nutritious diet that includes lean meat, fish, nuts and other essential components of the body. This process plays a major role in weight loss because it prevents the body from storing fat. Without a doubt, optimal nutrition is one that will benefit the body on one hand and the other side will help get rid of body fat.

2. Eat slow!

It is known that a person who eats fast needs more food than a person who eats slowly. Have to take the time, chew the food properly. Eating slowly helps digestion and helps food digest better. There is a delay between the time our brain understands the stomach is full and the time he orders us to stop eating (by using leptin hormone). Eating slowly let us receive the signals from the brain and stop eating when it is time.

3. Restrict food containing carbohydrates

it is very important to limit the intake of foods that contain carbohydrates, Such as pasta or bread. This is because high carbohydrate foods raise blood sugar levels, And help fat build up(using insulin hormone) and, moreover, lead to fat reserves. If it is not possible to avoid bread altogether, it is recommended and advisable to limit the quantity.

4. Drink water

Cold water is an effective way to raise the level of metabolism in the body and in this way, you can burn more calories. Most people think there is nothing better than drinking mineral water and opinions are divided, but in any case you should avoid drinking sweet and synthetic drinks. If you want a substitute for these beverages, green tea is an excellent and effective solution for burning excess fats.

5. Start your day with lemon juice

this is one of the best treatments to get rid of abdominal fat. All you have to do is just squeeze yellow lemon juice into a glass of lukewarm water and sip. Drinking lemon juice in the morning encourages body metabolism and get rid of swelling and fat in the abdominal area easily and effectively.

6. Vitamin C and calcium

These two nutrients are effective for balancing the stress hormone known as cortisol.
This hormone causes the body to store saturated fat. Consumption of these two substances also helps us to be more relaxed and also get rid of belly fat faster.
Vitamin C can be found in foods like guava, peppers, strawberries, broccoli, kiwi, oranges and parsley.
Calcium can be consumed through milk and low-fat yogurts, spinach, sardines, cereals rich in fiber and green leaves such as parsley and coriander.

7. Physical activity and especially – yoga

There are different types of yoga training which are proven to help maintain body fitness in relation to other types,
By increasing our energy consumption. This may be surprising, but with yoga practice, you can reduce fat even though it is not an aerobic activity. the facts speak for themselves.

8. You should really want to succeed in the task

you should be prepared with a well-organized, organized and proper menu for seven days in advance.
Which is distributed correctly during the day and does not cause sugar falls, fasting or large differences between meal and meal, lack of protein and load of salts.

So these are the main tips by which you can get rid of belly fat within 10 days.
Best of all it is simple to get up and start implementing, from today!

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