how to make your brain active and fit


A healthy mind in a healthy body – Proverb.

But there is no mention of the brain. As you become older, you not only lose muscles, but the brain also gets reduced in its potential and sharpness. You can get memory loss over the age of fifty. In due course of time, you will find difficulty in completing mental tasks. But regular practice of physical and brain exercises will not prevent muscular degeneration, but also make the brain cells stay active.

how to make your brain active and fit

Brain exercises? Yes, training to do new and improper actions can make the brain stay active. There are various techniques such as taking a new route to drive to home from office, brushing the teeth with the other hand etc. However, consider a look at the few exercises –

1.Test Your Memory

You can make a list of grocery items that need to be in the kitchen. Memorize the items. Now after an hour, check how many you can recall. You should start on a small note and then proceed to longer lists.

  1. Music

Join a music class or to play a musical instrument. Learning new concepts always keep the brain active.

  1. Write Down Numbers And Add

Figure the answer without the help of paper, computer or pen. Want to put stress on your brain to make it more active? Walk while doing the calculation at the same time.

  1. Join A Cooking Class

If you are an expert at cooking, learn how to prepare a different cuisine. You know, cooking needs a lot of focus and concentration. It involves multiple senses – sight, touch, smell as well taste. DO you know that all the senses reside in various parts of the brain?

  1. How about a foreign language?

The listening, hearing, and practice of new words can stimulate the brain.

  1. Play with words

You can take a word, and then think of synonyms of the same word. Want more challenges? Think of antonyms.

  1. Draw Maps From Memory

Have you gone to a new place and returned home? Draw a map of the area. Repeat every time you go to a new place.

  1. Taste Buds

This one seems easy but really tough. While relishing the dishes made by your spouse or mother, try to identify the ingredients in the meal with a HAPPY face. Sore face? Be ready to face a volley of questions on your own.

  1. Make A Nice Co-Ordination Between Eyes And Hands

You can start new hobbies such as drawing, knitting, painting or assembling puzzles.

  1. Learn New Sport

Any sport that utilizes the mind and body combination will do. Yoga or a martial art such as Aiki Jujitsu.

Just as you can prevent heart disease by physical activity, you can also prevent the disintegration of brain cells.

Benefits Of Brain Exercises

  • You do not suffer from stress when a situation goes out of control.
  • It makes the brain stay positive and prevents depression.
  • It lets you complete complex tasks with minimum effort.
  • And the other benefits are
  • Increase in memory
  • Improves productivity
  • Fast thinking and quick response



To remain happy, you should have a healthy mind and also a healthy body. While physical exercises can make your body strong, they can also help to revitalize the brain. But to make the brain sharper and perform its potential, try the exercises mentioned in the article.

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