dont mix weight with self worth

A very important post by Jessica Sepel. “Why The Number On The Scale Does Not Reflect Your Self Worth”. Sometimes we get so focused on our weight loss goal that we forget that our self-worth is not depending on our weight. Our self esteem doesnt depends on our weight!

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I believe obsessing over the number on the scale is bad for our health, increases stress levels and does not allow us to build a healthy relationship with our bodies.

Many people see the number on the scale as a barometer of self-worth.

I have clients tell me they weigh themselves daily and that number will make or break their mood for the day and often would demotivate them to make healthy choices the rest of the day.

This is the issue. If you weigh yourself and do not like the number you see, you feel less motivated to make healthy choices. Often this causes people to panic, self-berate and emotionally overeat. This toxic cycle of bingeing and restriction causes people to have a very unhealthy relationship with food and their bodies.

Weighing yourself can really increase stress levels (cortisol, your stress hormone!) which make weight loss very difficult to control.

Many of my clients and friends are absolutely terrified by the number on the scales. It’s a very real thing, and it was for me, too. I would go as far as to say I’m scared by scales.

I’d see that silly number as a reflection of my self-esteem and insecurity. And all that worry didn’t do me any good – in fact, it was a huge stressor.

In my books and online program, I ask people to give up the scales for at least three months and focus on how you feel instead.

Of course, it’s important to keep track of your health, but there are other ways to do this.

I monitor my weight by how my clothes fit. We all know when our clothes feel comfortable or a little too tight, so let that be your gauge.

When you make a decision to live a balanced, active life, your weight will naturally balance out. It will be much more consistent. It may go up and down by about 2 kilos due to fluid, hormonal changes, and dehydration. This is normal, but if you’re leading a healthy lifestyle, your body will get back to its ideal weight soon enough.

Here are some tips from me to make peace with your body and it starts with giving up the scales!

  • Let it go! Stop focusing on your weight so much – it is causing you stress and anxiety. Focus on your HEALTH, not your weight. Don’t pay lip service to this – you need to actually focus on your health – this is what matters. When you start really caring about your health – your weight will balance out because you will make healthy choices based on your commitment to health. When you notice yourself beating yourself – say, “I let go. I forgive” – you will feel the relief in your body.
  • Feel gratitude for your body now, in this moment. Practicing my JSHealth Body Love Scan (found in my online program and second book) will really help you feel this love and appreciation for your body. This is a very important part balancing your weight.
  • Stop looking at the scales. Give your body the time and space to balance out. Remember, obsessing = stressing, and cortisol = fat storage.
  • Make peace with yourself – forgive yourself for the past, surrender to what is and just do your best to make the best choices from now on – in this moment. The past no longer matters. Focus on your bright future ahead.
  • Remember that you are worthy of waking up and feeling amazing. Don’t let food control you. You have control over food from now onwards. You are too precious to let food govern your thoughts in a negative way.
  • From now on you aren’t allowed to leave a mirror without paying yourself a compliment! No more criticism allowed!

Remember, you are not defined by your weight.


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