Desperate to lose weight

desperate to lose weight

desperate to lose weight

desperate to lose weight - shay

For years now I have been losing and gaining the same20 pounds. I have tried countless diets. All started the same – great will power and self-discipline and a lot of enthusiasm. Every time it seemed as if I have found the right diets, and lost many pounds. Every time it ended with me gaining them pounds back and then some… I become more and more desperate to lose weight. There was always some wedding or a party I was desperate to lose weight for in a short period of time. I can even recall all the diet I tried. If you ever heard of a diet no matter how absurd or extreme it is, I’ll bet you that I tried it. Tried and failed.

I always blamed myself for the failure. My self-discipline wasn’t strong enough, or was it?

It was only when I found the magical book: “The Diet Fix: Why Diets Fail and How to Make Yours Work” that I have started to realize that there is more to it than that.

For years we were lied to. When I grew up everyone around me including myself knew for a fact that the reason I was fat is that I ate too much. Well, guess what, it was the other way around. 
The same metabolic problems that made me fat would make me eat more. Fat people are not lazy and lack self-control!
All the diets I have tried were doomed to fail.

Here me now! If you failed a diet it wasn’t your fault! You are not lacking self-discipline.  You just were approaching your diet the wrong way. You were so desperate to lose weight that you didn’t stop to think about it. You just did what you were told.

Conventional diets make you Abandoned the food you like and force you to eat foods you don’t like. How is it possible to maintain such a way of life on which you are eating stuff you don’t like and craving for food you love?

This is what I liked so much about this book: “The Diet Fix: Why Diets Fail and How to Make Yours Work”

The book shows another approach for losing weight. As one review says: “It allows people to keep what they like most about food — the taste and indulgences — and to get rid of what they don’t like about food — overeating and guilt

Diet shouldn’t be a tormenting process. We didn’t come to this world to suffer and feel miserable.

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The most important lesson I got from reading the book is this: we must avoid hunger at all costs.

Every diet I tried forcing me to reduce food quantity and be hungry. Is the something more depressing than to walk around hungry and desperate for food all the time?

We need to forget everything we have learned about diets, therefore the book starts with a 10-day reset plan that for my surprise was very easy to go through.

The book makes it clear why all the diets we tried were doomed to fail from day one and the practical part is, it explains how to fix that.

Our diets and “healthy” food knowledge are influenced by multi-billions industry.  Corporations that make all there is in their power to make us consume their product. None of them really give a damn if we lose weight or not. As far as they care we can continue being fat as long as we buy their products.

If you lost your hope to reduce your weight, cheer up there are proven methods to slim down. Instead of being desperate to lose weight read this book and try a different approach for weight reduction.


Desperate to lose weight – common pitfalls

  • Eating too little – a common misconception is that a great calories deficit will make you lose weight fast. Many diets gurus will tell you that you calories intake should be far less than the calories you spend. Some of them will mention the rules of thermodynamic. The rules of thermodynamic are good for mechanical systems, the human body is much more complicate and evolved from mechanical systems. Our body knows how to control its systems and he has learning abilities. He adjusts. When there is a big deficit in calorie the body slows down. It decreases his activities. If the deficit continues the body becomes more efficient and learns to use fewer calories. The weight stays more or less the same.
  • Neglecting muscle mass – when we are on a diet y lose body fat but we also lose muscle mass. When we stop dieting for a period of time we are gaining only fat. This is why many people ending up with much fatter after the diet than they had prior to it. It is very important to combine muscle building exercise with your diet
  • Eating the wrong things – not all calories are born equal. Some foods are bad for our metabolism. Sugar, for example, make our insulin levels higher and therefore prevents our body from burning fat (insulin is a building hormone and he is building fat instead of burning it).
  • Staying hungry – how long can we maintain a way of life that keeps us hungry all the time? Not long. If we walk around feeling hungry eventually we will break down and start eating without control, it is very important to eat enough food that will make us feel good and satisfied.
  • One solution for all – it is unrealistic that the same diet plan fits a teenage girl, a middle-aged man, and women that suffer from metabolic illness. Our diet and exercise program should be tailored specifically for us. It should fit our condition, age, activity level and weight loss targets.

Important Update: I am happy to say that I have found a company that gives customized course that helps emotionally and physically to lose weight.  their slogan is “Stop dieting now.Get long-term results“. They say that on average their program shows result within as little as 16 weeks. you can check them out here: Noom

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